Ok, you got the beehive or bees nest in a bag or box, what do you do now ? 

and how do you get rid of the bees? 


If they are honeybees call your beekeeper and they usually come to pick them up. Sometimes for a nominal gas charge or sometimes for free. If you call a pest control company they might kill them ro sell them to a local person however, local regulations mandate that you have a sell permit from the provincial government to do so. Please keep in mind that keeping bees in a pail, box or bag for excessive periods will actually kill the bees. The honeybees  have a tendency to build up a lot of heat and they will self destruct.

Our company, if the honeybees are in a box will come by and pick them up for free but call to check first. If they have been sprayed with neurotoxins then it is best to exterminate them as the bees probably will die off in due course.

Otherwise, if you have a bees nest (gray looking roundish) then you are on your own and take them to a forest and let them go. Watch out they will be furious and dive-bomb anybody that’s around 40-50 feet.

yellow jacket bees nest

where to drop off bees nests

If you have any questiosn please call us directly office-289-799-9417 , email admin@honeyhoney.ca

Bee Rescue and Removal Services 1 hr
Bee Rescue and Removal Services 1 hr
The price has been set for one hour of initial service required to consult our clients with what options are available to remove the bees. We can usually determine the locations, species what action/s are necessary within the first hour. Customer gets an idea of total costs, time line when the job will commence. See Terms and conditions for more details. Sometimes the problem is solved with the initial visit. Please call us if you have any questions about bee removal or have a bee swarm. Please take pictures and send them to our office admin@honeyhoney.ca Thank you,
Available Qty: 94
Price: $130/hr
Price: 100.00/hr

Touch Our Bees
Touch Our Bees
Invite our bees to your home, cottage, business, camp, retreat and have fun touching talking or being my assistant in holding 10,000 bees.
Price: $150.00

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